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What is your film style?

My Style

This is a common question asked of videographers and photographers. I like to describe my style as documentary. From viewing the videos on my site you will see that I like to capture the day as it happened. I want you to be able to relive the actual day and emotions as opposed to staged scenes.

Some videographers film weddings more like a movie where they stage a lot of scenes and some couples like that vibe. I personally like things to be more genuine with raw emotion. Yes I will stage some scenes to get some great footage of you both but I don't want that to be the whole film. I want the film to reflect you and your story throughout the day!

I think this photo, taken by Rachel Yearick, shows my approach to the wedding day well. I try to capture things as they are happening but to stay out of your way allowing you to be, well, you!

Your wedding film should reflect the day and your personalities and my job is to capture that as genuinely as possible!

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