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Why do wedding videographers cost so much?

Let me start with a story from my own wedding.

It's been several years since I have gotten married and when my wife and I planned our wedding, videography was at the bottom of our priority list. We ended up getting a photo/video deal with our photographer and added on videography for a fairly cheap price.

The photos we got back were great. The video was barely watchable. I won't go into the specifics but this basically sums it up: you get what you pay for.

One of my biggest regrets for my wedding was not budgeting higher for a videographer because now years later looking back, I would love to be able to be able to relive my wedding with the same quality that I provide couples now.

This drove my passion towards wedding videography and being able to provide couples with the highest quality films to help them relive the day with no regrets.

So why does it cost so much?

Wedding films these days aren't just camcorders sitting in the back of the room. They can be full on productions turning your wedding into something you would see in Hollywood.

So what goes into a wedding film? Well, expensive camera equipment and often times multiple cameras. Sometimes multiple videographers, drone footage, professional audio equipment, and much more. That's just the gear needed to capture the film.

The editing afterwards is a separate story. Often times to edit a wedding film it can take upwards of 30+ hours to complete depending on how long the wedding is.

Then there's other costs like insurance for the gear, licensing the music used in the film, travel to and from the wedding, and any additional gear or rentals needed for the specific wedding. All of this quickly adds up.

Ultimately what you are paying for is quality.

There is a reason behind pricing, If you decide to get a budget deal, while it may save you money, make sure to check the vendor's other videos and get an idea of what kind of quality you will get. Make sure to ask the vendor questions like what their plan is for the day, how will they deliver the video, do they have any backup in place in case something happens to their camera or the footage on the day of the wedding. Make sure you know what you are getting. You don't want to get your wedding film like me(or lack thereof) and regret it.

I want to be able to rewatch my wedding with high quality footage, clean audio, and hear the joy, tears, laugher we shared that day. Unfortunately for me, it's too late.

If you want a luxury handbag, it may be expensive, but you will spend the money on it because you know the quality you are getting and it is worth it. If you want a high quality complete wedding video then you will spend the money, because in the end, it will be worth it.

As a wedding videographer, I strive to capture your wedding day in its fullest. It is my passion and goal to bring couples joy by making the day as stress free as possible, allowing I want you to be able to relive the day with no regrets.

TLDR: You get what you pay for.

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