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About Me


Hello! I’m Hoang, a husband, adventurer, camera enthusiast, and wedding videographer. 

I am a wedding videographer based in northern Virginia but I travel and have done weddings in many states!

Not everyone gets to say that they love their job, but I definitely do! I have the opportunity to invest in amazing couples and create films for them that don’t just show their wedding day, but captures their emotion, joy, and love.

I strive in every film to tell YOUR story! Every couple has a story behind the details, the location, and the wedding. I want to capture all of that so you can remember everything and relive the day with your family and friends.

My style and approach to the day is to capture as many genuine moments as possible. I aim to capture your whole day without being intrusive or even noticed. I try to not be a director or create a staged video, but to capture the raw emotion that you both share throughout the day!

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Get to know me more!

  • I love travelling and adventure! 

  • My favorite locations to go to in the USA are Arizona, Utah, and Oregon because they are SO beautiful!

  • My top bucket list items are to see the northern lights in Iceland and to explore Banff National Park in Canada.

  • I also love photography especially capturing landscapes.

  • I want to film a wedding on a beach or in the snow!


Let's Chat!

Enough about me, want to see if we are a good fit? Let's chat!

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