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What To Expect

Three Easy Steps to Remember Your Wedding Forever

Step 1


Let's start the journey to making your perfect wedding video!

Step 2


We'll talk through the wedding day plans and plan out your wedding video!

Step 3


Enjoy your wedding day stress free with the knowledge the everything will be captured!

Exclusive Services

  • How do you accept payments?
    Payments can be done through a variety of means however the easiest is physical check or Zelle as these has no additional fees. Credit card is also accepted with an additional 3% service fee. Bank Transfer is also accepted with an additional 1.5% service fee. Typically, payments after the initial deposit(retainer) are broken down into two remaining payments, one halfway between the signing date and the wedding and the final payment being two weeks before the wedding when all payments are due. If you would like a custom payment plan to break the remaining payments down further let me know and we can work it out to make it easiest for you!
  • Can we add Additional Hours of Coverage?
    Yes! You can add additional hours of coverage any time before the wedding. I charge $250/hr for a single videographer or $400/hr if there are 2 videographers.
  • Can we add to or upgrade our package after booking?
    Yes! At any time before the wedding you can add to or upgrade your package! The only thing that is a time factor is the addition of a second videographer. I have a few videographers I consistently work with who provide amazing content however if the addition is done too close to the wedding date, I cannot ensure that the second videographer will be someone on my preferred list.
  • What does the Premium Highlight Film contain?
    The Premium Highlight Film is your feature film highlighting everything from your wedding! All of the videos featured on my webpage are Premium Highlight Film. I do my best with these films to show off your wedding day and to tell YOUR story! They are typically 5-7 minutes and contain bits of everything from the day including audio when appropriate to make this a great way of showing off your wedding and allowing people to quickly relive all the exciting moments of the day! Music for this film is selected by me after getting to know you both and experiencing your wedding day. The music is fully licensed so you can post the video anywhere. This film is a great way of reliving the entire day in a fun way!
  • What does the Ceremony Documentary Film look like?
    The Ceremony Documentary Film is your ceremony start to finish. This means if your ceremony is 30 minutes long then the video will be 30 minutes long. This video will be filmed with multiple cameras providing you a beautiful video with multiple angles to ensure everything is captured! Why does a multi-cam setup matter? This allows you to see different perspectives of things happening at the same time. ie: When the bride is walking down the aisle we can set up a camera to face the groom to get his reaction. This provides you a stunning ceremony video allowing you to relive the joy and emotion of your wedding ceremony for years to come!
  • What does the Reception Documentary Film look like?
    The Reception Documentary Film has all major events during your reception put into one seamless video. This includes entrances, first dance, parent dances, speeches, cake cutting, special activities. This does NOT include open floor (general) dancing. As the dance floor can be open for hours, I do not include full open floor dancing videos but I do try to capture bits and moments of dancing to include in the highlight film. Bits of open floor dancing may also be included in the FOMO video. This is a wonderful way of reliving special moments like your entrances, first dance, and watching the memorable speeches all over again!
  • What is the Social Media Teaser?
    The Social Media Teaser is a 40-60 second video that very quickly shows off some moments of your wedding day. This is intended to get people excited and is great for posting on social media leading up to the highlight film! The Social Media Teaser can be added on at any time or even purchased after the wedding day.
  • What is the FOMO Edit?
    The FOMO Edit is a video that is essentially a cleaned up and more watchable version of raw footage. The FOMO Edit contains the extra clips in full, ie: first look, moments with family, some open floor dance clips, etc. These clips are ones that are not featured in full in any of the other films(highlight, ceremony, reception). This allows you to relive all the moments throughout the day in a way that is much easier to do than with RAW footage as this is one movie with all the clips in order as opposed to RAW footage which can be over 80+ individual clips without anything cleaned up. This video is also cleaned up so you won't have to watch through random moments unlike with RAW footage. This means if a camera is recording while I am just walking from one location to the next or if I start recording 5 minutes before the ceremony starts and nothing is happening or in frame then all of that will be cut out to make it easier and more pleasant to watch. The FOMO edit can be added on at any time or even purchased after the wedding day. I highly advise the FOMO edit over the RAW footage option and the only situation in which I would recommend RAW footage is if you wanted to edit the clips yourself.
  • Do you offer RAW Footage?
    Yes I do offer RAW Footage but I highly discourage it for most of my couples with one exception, if you plan on editing footage yourself. I highly recommend the FOMO Edit over RAW Footage. See the FOMO Edit section for more information. RAW Footage can be added on at any time or even purchased after the wedding day. If you would like to purchase RAW Footage, there should be an understanding of what to expect. RAW Footage is not "clean". It contains a desaturated dark image that is usually cleaned up when editing. It is not nearly as pleasant to watch compared to any of the edited films. There may also be over 100 individual clips that come straight out of camera.
  • Questions to Ask Your Videographer
    Getting to know your videographer goes beyond their personality and style. You want to know that you are getting the best quality for your videos and recordings! Even if you decide to book with a different videographer, I want to make sure you get to know them and the quality they can provide. Here are a few helpful questions to ask: - How many cameras do you use? - What kind of audio equipment do you use and will you be putting mics on people? - Can I purchase additional footage or options after booking or even after the wedding? - Do you use licensed music? My answers: - How many cameras do you use? - I use 3-4 cameras for ceremonies and receptions to ensure I cover different angles and get multiple reactions to maximize your viewing experience. - What kind of audio equipment do you use and will you be putting mics on people? - I use professional lav mic recorders that I put on the groom and officiant for the ceremony. I also connect a recorder to the DJ's soundboard during the ceremony and reception to record all of that as well. This is to ensure redundancy. - Can I purchase additional footage or options after booking or even after the wedding? - Yes! You can always add on to your package at any point. Even if you don't purchase the full reception film for example, I record as if you did so if you want it later, you can purchase it even after the wedding! - Do you use licensed music? - Yes I only use licensed music which means you can post to social media without issues with copyright. I do not use mainstream music without licenses as this can result with the audio being muted in the video or even strikes against your account if posted.
  • Why is Wedding Videography so expensive?
    This goes for many things at weddings including photography as well but I will focus on video. There is a lot that goes into the cost of my packages. What you are getting is a professional videographer(myself) who specializes in weddings and knows exactly how to capture them. You are getting high quality video equipment, multiple cameras, professional audio equipment, professional lighting, and sometimes even drone footage. All of these things factor into the cost of videography and are typically expected. What people often overlook is all the work that comes in after the wedding day. After the day ends and you go off on your honeymoon, the project is just getting started. The editing process takes 40+ hours to turn all that footage into something magical and memorable for you to watch back not only with each other, but with your friends and family as well. Making a video that is engaging and emotional for people who may not have been able to attend or who may not even know you is challenging and takes a lot of time and creativity. This is where most of that cost actually comes from. In addition to the hours of editing and creativity it involves, I license music to use in your film allowing you to post your teaser or highlight film online without worry of copyright issues. I pay for hosting to be able to host and send you your wedding videos. I also pay for insurance for your wedding day which is typically required of all vendors by the venue itself. In short, there are a TON of expenses as well that go into all of this and all together, that contributes to the total cost. However in this cost, you can know full well that you are getting a professional and experienced videographer who will prioritize YOU and will capture YOUR day perfectly!
  • What is Your Style?
    It's tough to fully put into words but I describe my style as cinematic documentary. I love capturing the day and turning it into a movie that makes it fun to watch back, easy to share, and full of genuine emotion. To make this happen I use multiple cameras to get events from different angles all while staying in the background and taking a "fly on the wall" approach. I don't like to direct too much or stage too many things as it makes it less genuine. I try to capture things as they are. That being said, if there is a perfect moment for an epic shot, I'll definitely let you know! The simplest answer to this question is to view a few of my wedding videos. The featured ones on my website are a great start but if you want more then there are plenty to go around!
  • How Long After the Wedding will we Receive Our Films? (Turn Around Time)
    This is a great question and it does depend on the wedding season. My average turn around time is about 5-8 weeks. Why does it take so long you may ask. The short answer is, it takes time to craft the hours and hours of footage from your wedding day into a story that is worth watching over and over again. I work hard to provide each and every couple with a personalized film that highlights and shows off the uniqueness of their wedding day and I don't want to rush it because I want each one to be perfect! It will be worth the wait! "I already cried twice watching the highlight!!!! We could not be happier! Thank you for making our day so special and you were so right, totally worth the wait!!!!" - Amanda
  • What is your process?
    I try to make the booking process as simple and easy as possible. After reviewing the proposal/contract, you can sign it online via Honeybook and then pay the initial deposit. After this you will receive an automated email when the remaining upcoming payments are due. All payments are due 2 weeks prior to the wedding. About 1 month before the wedding you will receive a questionnaire to fill out details about your wedding day. From there you can choose if you would like to have a call to discuss the plans further. I will reach out with any questions I have and make sure I understand all the details for your wedding so I can capture it perfectly for you! On the day of, you do not need to worry about anything video related. I will take care of it all and make sure you are free to enjoy your wedding day!
  • Will There be Drone Footage?
    I love using the drone as much as possible to get amazing aerial footage but being based right outside of DC, this isn't easy. There are a ton of restrictions on flying drones in the area with all of DC and a large portion of surrounding VA and MD being completely off limits to drones. While I do want to do my best to get drone footage, depending on your venue location it may or may not be possible. I will discuss this with you as we plan for your specific venue.
  • What is Your Music Selection Process?
    I license music mainly through the site MusicBed and SoundStripe. I do my best after getting to know the couple and experiencing their wedding to choose music that fits them and really showcases their wedding. If you would like to have more of a say on music choice I encourage you to browse the catalogs of songs on those sites and send me what you like! The reason behind using these sites is to ensure that all highlight films delivered to my couples are fully licensed and they can post them without any risk of issues from sites like Youtube and Facebook. What happens if copyrighted music is posted on those sites? It is possible the audio in the video may be muted or the video even taken down. I do my best to ensure the best for my couples and this means I cannot use copyrighted music. If after posting your teaser or highlight film to social media, if you have any issues with the music being flagged let me know. Music Licensing sites have licensing keys which are sometimes needed to be put in the video description to prevent the music from being flagged. If needed I can send you the key for your specific video. That being said most of the time there should be no issues.
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